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Capture 6 months of Sunshine 

Can on background final.jpg

How to make and use your own I-Can, 6 month exposure camera

Can lid design.jpg
To take the lid off a can safely,
look 1 minute into here
Photographic paper available from :
First Call or RK Photographic

As seen on:
Blue Peter, Radio 4 Today, Radio 6,
The One Show, Dick and Dom, NASA (apod), The Brothers Bloom (Rachel Weiss and Mark Ruffalo) 

  • Thousands made over the past 12 years with lectures and
    workshops on 5 continents


  • Uses discarded materials that can be reused over and over again

  • No wasteful packaging

  • Great DIY project covering: Art,
    History, Science, Astronomy, ICT, Recycling, Photography, D and T.


  • An opportunity to have 'a drink
    with a friend' with every camera.

(130,000 views since 2012)

My previous Solargraphy projects and exhibitions:

2008 - 'Slow Light' - 6 month exposures of Bristol, AtBristol Science Centre

2010 - Damned - Detroit USA

2012 - Sunrise Project - Knowle West Media Centre - Art Residency 

2013 - Pinhole World - Poland
2013 - Edinburgh College of Art - Photography Symposium
2014 - Orkney International Science Festival 

2016 - Light Years - 5 years of continuous exposures - Southmead Hospital

2018 - Light Waves - Long exposures from the masts of tall ships crossing the Atlantic


To see more pinhole and obscura experiments and designs
please visit my website





Justin Quinnell 
(more than just a 'buzz on the internet')
For darkroom fun in Bristol visit:

Louis (getting to know Dad)
eyescuras reading
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