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Smileycams for sale! - £20 +p+p


Did you wake this morning thinking: 'I wish I could photograph the world from inside my mouth'?,

if so,,,,a Smileycam is for you!

SCAM1st pik.jpg

The Smileycam is a virtually indestructible pinhole camera made from a 110 cartridge film with a pinhole adapter on the front. Its ready to use with 23 colour exposures.
It is constructed around an outdated (2006) Tudor film,,, (not something Paul Simon would write a song about but there we go!).

The adapter can be reused and fitted onto other 110 cartridges.

It comes with downloadable instructions here and a small photo signed by the inventor (me!)

Please be aware:
Not everywhere develops 110 film anymore (you may need to scan the developed negatives)
You don't have to use it from inside your mouth, but if you do, you need a fairly large mouth!

If you want to save yourself £20, the instructions or making one can be found here and here!

Buy One Here!

For more information on pinhole photography see
Instagram  @justin_quinnell

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